Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The day it rained puke

I've been puked on before. It's never fun but today was especially disgusting. The day started out OK; Elsie and Harry were feverish and very clingy but, as we've been saying for over a week now, at least no one is puking.

William took Freddie to preschool and the three of us snuggled/played a bit and then they took naps at 9:30am. I used nap time to take a nice shower, dry my hair and put on makeup (!). Nice to feel normal again after almost a week of being unwell myself.

Elsie woke up from her nap and was a bit happier, ate some plain yogurt, a couple blueberries and a small rice cake. Ten minutes later she was back to laying on the floor moaning. Harry woke up and joined her. They did that and competed for space on my lap for the next half hour. Cozy!

When it came time to go get Freddie, I asked Els if she wanted to ride on my back in the Ergo. She quickly said yes and immediately laid her head on my shoulders. I got her an apple juice box from the shop and she sipped it on the way. She didn't say much on the journey there or on the way home. Freddie told us about his day (two of the ten chicks hatched from their eggs and he planted a sunflower) and we saw a couple trains go by.

Once we got to our street, Elsie muttered something I didn't quite hear. 'What, honey?' 'Go home faster.'

That was my only warning before the puke shower began. It was like a volcano erupted out of her mouth. It poured over my shoulder and onto my foot (great idea to wear flip flops today!). I quickly got her down and then Freddie, Harry and I watched the spectacle of it all, unable to move. In seconds, the sidewalk was covered and it was only then I realized I should have held her over a drain or something. Oops.

Once it was over, we removed all our puked-on clothes that we could, considering we were in public (sorry neighbors!), and hightailed it home, a wad of disgusting clothes under one arm and a squishy foot squeaking the whole way.

A warm bath and nap seems to have helped. Fingers crossed that was all of it (but is it ever???).

Hope you weren't eating anything when you read this! And yes, we are back in Scotland. I need to change the header of this blog. If you enjoy reading about puke and how you're likely in a nicer, cleaner, comfier position than I am, check back here again soon. I plan on actually keeping up with it now that we're back.

P.S. Anthony, if you're reading this...the incident occurred just down from your door. Watch your feet on the way home tonight. William said he'd go down later with a bucket of water!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Elsie!!

A month later and it's finished! Ha! My latest project - a video of Elsie's first two years. And yes, it's 15 minutes long. Watch if you have the time - she's pretty dang cute. We love you Elsie!!

Welcome Baby Harry!

Harrison Lucas Kearns was born on April 14, 2016. After about 5 days of pretty consistent contractions, we were more than happy he finally decided to come out! I was 7cm dilated when I got to the doctor's office and was rushed to the labor ward immediately. Ultimately, it took several more hours and an emergency c-section to get him out but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. He immediately peed on the doctors and nurses before being snuggled by William and my mom, who were there with me. He weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. After I was patched up we went back to my original room and introduced him to Francie, who was waiting there on the edge of her seat. It was so fun to have them all there and so exciting we are now a family of five!

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